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A man with hiking poles coming out of a cemetery in Prosek, Prague, Czech Republic, Copyright 2017 Tomoko Yamamoto
A man with hiking poles at the cemetery in Prosek, Prague, Photo by © 2017 Tomoko Yamamoto

Das Wirtshaus

©2017 Tomoko Yamamoto

German Text and English Translation
According to the biography of Wilhelm Müller by Erika von Borries, Müller was in the autumn of 1813 in Prague, working at the depot there. Moreover, the biographical outline of Müller in "Wilhelm Müller: Gedichte" by Michael Holzinger states that Müller was in Prague in October 1813.

Keywords: Franz Schubert, Wilhelm Müller, Tomoko Yamamoto, Wirtshaus, Totenacker, Totenkränz, Wanderer, Wanderstab, tödlich, verletzt, tavern, wreath, graveyard,
References: von Borries, Erika, "Wilhelm Müller Der Dichter der Winterreise, C.H. Beck, ISBN 978 3 406 56212
"Wilhelm Müller: Gedichte", ISBN 978-142655537, The biography of Wilhelm Müller was compiled by Michael Holzinger

First Published: November 29, 2017
Photo of Cemetery Entrance with a hiker in Prague by Tomoko Yamamoto
© 2017 Tomoko Yamamoto