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Inventory Clearance Sale

The following photographs are offered for sale to reduce the inventory of many Ilfochrome prints by Tomoko Yamamoto Ilfochrome prints are known for their rich color palettes, and also have a long display life of 35+ years, as predicted by Wilhelm Research. In all cases, there is an 8x10 print available for each photograph in addition to larger print sizes indicated.

All the photographs were taken on film with a 35mm film SLR or a Mamiya 6 (120 or 35mm panorama) for the case of panorama reflection photos. Click any photos or titles to view an enlarged version.

One Eye
decayed tree bark fragments looking like snakes: photo by Tomoko Yamamoto
Equestrian-like figure out of a decaying tree bark
Snakes, Finzel, Maryland
Equestrian Figure, Finzel, Maryland
8x10 and 20x24 prints
Valley View, Finzel, Maryland, photo by Tomoko Yamamoto
Baltimore Skyline from South West Area Park, Baltimore, Maryland: photo by Tomoko Yamamoto
Valley View at Finzel, Maryland
Baltimore Skyline
from Southwest Area Park
20x24 print
20x24 print
Country Church in Maryland, photo by Tomoko Yamamoto
Country Church in Maryland
16x20 print

I also have Ilfochrome prints of my Impressionist reflection photos while my 2001 and 2002 reflection photos are available only in Lightjet prints. Please contact me with your delivery destination.
Impressionist Reflections Photos
20x24 Ilfochrome Prints Matted to 22x28 at $400 Each with Shipping Extra, Only One Each Available (except Running Colors)
Six of 90-95 Photos

Blue Dreams


Day Dreams

Reflections in Brown

Autumn Leaves by the Water

Autumn Palette, #1
Three of 97 Impressionist Photos

Running Colors (2)
"Glitters" Sold
Colors in Ripples
Impressionist Reflections Panorama Photos
11x24 Ilfochrome Prints Matted to 18x32 at $295 Each, Only One Each Available

Green ScalesWhite Flowers in Reflection

Photography Galleries
Impressionist Reflection Landscape Bach Schubert Travel Churches

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Last update: August 31, 2009

All the images are the copyrighted properties of Tomoko Yamamoto