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Alpenglow on the Geislerspitzen from the Glatschalm © 2002 Tomoko Yamamoto

As part of my Schubert Project, I have been photographing scenes similar to those described in "Das Heimweh" by Johann Ladislaus Pyrker, which was set to music by Schubert in 1825 during his stay in Badgastein. In the poem the son of the mountains is homesick and in his dreams he sees his hut on meadows where he was born. He also sees the dark pine copse. In front of him the rock face is glowing in the rose-colored evening light.

I searched for such a scenery in the Dolomites because it is famous with glowing rocks and found this spot. The Glatschalm is located at 1902m (ca. 5700ft) above the Villnöss valley in the Dolomites and offers a grand view of the Geislerspitzen (Geisler peaks). The Profanter family operates this mountain restaurant with overnight accommodations. I got this shot from the ground in front of an old hut, about 140 years old, the front of which is seen in this photo. Later I learned that Villnöss produced Reinhold Messner, a world-famous mountain climber and adventurer. His autobiography, "Die Freiheit, aufzubrechen, wohin ich will" shows a photo of the old hut in the wintertime. (Please note that the photo was included in his 2001 edition, a copy of which I have, but not in the English nor Japanese translation. Messner has been updating his autobiography frequently and the photographic content has been changed through different editions.) The camera was the Mamiya 6MF with the 50mm/4 and Fuji Velvia 50 (220).

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