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Valley View, Finzel, Maryland: photo by Tomoko Yamamoto
Copyright 1991 Tomoko Yamamoto

Ilfochrome Print matted to 11x14 and 22x28 inches

Valley View, Finzel, Maryland is a photo of the valley right outside of Finzel Swamp which is the property of the Nature Conservancy of Maryland. The late afternoon sun hit the valley and the foreground grass to make a soft brown monochromatic image consisting of two bare trees shining in the sun in the right foreground and a farm house and a silo in the valley below. It is very close to the state of Pennsylvania. The camera was the Olympus OM-4TBlack with probably the 100mm/2.8 lens. The film was Fujichrome Velvia 50 (RVP). It was shot on March 25, 1991.

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Keywords: valley view, Finzel Swamp, dusk, Garrett County, Maryland, farm house, silo, early spring, OM-4TBlack, two trees, brown field, golden light in foreground

Update: January 15, 2009