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Country Church in Maryland
Maryland Landscape (4 images)

Landscape in Ithaca, NY
(2 images) Ithaca, Cornell Campus, etc.

Austrian Landscape

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Loch Doine, ScotlandLoch Katrine, Scotland
Loch Doine, ScotlandLoch Katrine, Scotland
Alpenglow on Rosengarten Geisler by Glatschalm
Rosengarten glowing at sunset
Dolomites, Italy
Geislerspitzen at alpenglow
by Glatschalm
Sass Rigais at Sunset
Villnoess, Italy
Alpenglow on Geislerspitzen
Villnoess, Italy
Alpenrose, Small GeislerGeislerspitzen from CollSt. Johann in Ranui
Alpenrose and the GeislerspitzenVillnöstalSt. Johann, a small chapel
in the meadow
Early morning sun in mist, Teolo, Italy Teolo church in mist, Italy
Sunrise in mistTeolo Church in mist
Tategoiwa at Sunset
Tategoiwa at sunset,
Shirasaki, Japan

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Last update:March 7, 2015

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