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Schubert Gallery

The Schubert Gallery showcases photographs of memorial plaques, busts, and places associated with Franz Schubert in Austria. Each of the photos is accompanied by the description of the place a memorial object is located. The digital files shown were made from Kodak KCD files and I currently do not have any prints. If you are interested in ordering prints or in getting my license to use the images in any way, please contact me You will also find several additional images on my Shubert Project pages.

Schubert ReliefMemorial Plaque SaeulengasseSchubert bust in GmundenSchubert grave, Wahringer ParkSchubert grave, Zentralfriedhof

These are samplings of images related to Franz Schubert. Please feel free to inquire.

Last update: September 15, 2006

All the images are the copyrighted properties of Tomoko Yamamoto