Schubert's Grave in Zentralfriedhof

Franz Schubert was first buried in the Währinger Friedhof (Währing Cemetery) next to Beethoven, but the remains of both Schubert and Beethoven were moved to the Zentralfriedhof (Central Cemetery) in 1888. The relief in the gravestone was by Karl Kundmann and the architecture of the stone was by Theophil Hansen. Schubert and Beethoven sandwitch Mozart's grave in the musicians' grave section of the garden of honor (Ehrengräber). Because of so many composers Austria produced or attracted, many familiar names are in the area, making it an attractive place to visit once.

Schubert Grave in Zentralfriedhof
Schubert's Grave, Zentralfriedhof, Vienna, Austria
© 1992 Tomoko Yamamoto

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Update May 21, 2005