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Gothic Main Doors, Deer Creek Harmony Presbyterian Church by Tomoko Yamamoto

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Gothic Main Doors, Deer Creek Harmony church
Deer Creek Harmony Presbyterian Church, Darlington, Maryland

Description: Deer Creek Harmony Church in Darlington, Maryland (on Rt. 161, west of Susquehanna State Park, north of Aberdeen in Harford County) was built with stone exterior in 1837. According to Prof. Jeffery Howe of Boston College, the style of these red-painted wood doors is Gothic, but a modern version. Note the pointed arch of the doorway with the flanking buttress made of stones. The gable over the red doors has white supporting brackets made of wood, owing more to the 19th century American designs. One wreath decorated with violet and white flowers is on each door. A more typical Gothic doorway is seen in my photo of the Thomaskirche West Facade in Leipzig, Germany.


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Client: Presbytery of Baltimore

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Keywords:American Gothic doors, red doors, wreaths, gable, white supporting brackets, Deer Creek Harmony Presbyterian Church, Harford County, Maryland, Deer Creek, photo, picture, OM-4Ti, Zuiko 24mm/3.5 shift lens
Update: September 26, 2006