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Olympus Camera Information on the Internet
by Tomoko Yamamoto

I own an M-1 (the original OM-1), an OM-4TBlack, an OM-3Ti, and an OM2000 with an assortment of Zuiko lenses and have been an Olympus camera user since 1966, having used an Olympus Pen camera prior to the M-1. Here is the information I gathered from the Web and OM brochures on the OM-series.

Useful the OM Series Information

Olympus mailing list.


Olympus Equipment Classifieds

Olympus Companies around the World

Olympus Optical Co. in Japan (in Japanese)
Olympus America
Olympus Europa gives info on the Olympus presence in many European countries.
For other countries, Olympus in Japan has a list of offices and the links to the website.
Olympus presence in overseas

Shopping in Japan for the OM Equipment?