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Tomoko Yamamoto, photographer, soprano, composer and multimedia show artist
Current Home Base: Baltimore, MD, USA; Native of Tokyo, Japan;
Visits Japan twice a year and travels to Europe almost every summer.
Photography specialties: Fine-art (Impressionist reflection and nature photos), Travel (Austria, Italy, Germany, Scotland, and Japan)
Languages: English, Japanese, German
Domain URL: www.tomoko-yamamoto.com (Sale of Prints and License in USD here.)
Photoshelter URL:
Current Photoshelter Galleries:
        Impressionist Reflection Photos:
Nature reflection in water in impressionistic style; Signed Fine-Art Prints (Lightjet)
        Photos of Venice, Italy:
Photos of the Piazza, Basilica, and Campanile of San Marco, gondolas and gondoliers, Grand Canal, etc; Image License and Quality Budget Prints in Smaller Sizes (Unsigned)
        Europe Travel Photos:
Photos from Europe (Edinburgh, Scotland, Verona, Italy, Austria, and Switzerland); Image License and Quality Budget Prints in Smaller Sizes (unsigned)
Photos of Water Landscape in Austria
Photos/Pictures of Shirasaki, Wakayama, Japan
panoramic view of the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy from the Rialto Bridge includes a single gondola in the middle: photo/picture/image of Venice, Italy, Venedig, Italien, Venezia, Italia by Tomoko Yamamoto

Mountains at the eastern end of Lake Zurich in mist with many strips of clouds in the morning sky taken from a ferry across the lake: photo of Lake Zurich, Switzerland by Tomoko Yamamoto

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