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Photographers' Last Names in Alphabetical Order Linked to Their Text Profiles
Barrientos Bockermann Boyd P. C. Brown P. Brown Calvin Crandall Fadek Fernandes Hafeez
Harris Hauck Grachev Mahon Mariant Masi Posey Ribeiro Rinnert
Rojas Secchi Seemann Stevens Sullivan Treacy Valenzuela Wiseman Yamamoto

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Photoshelter Galleries of Anne Holmes
Here is a collection of photographs from Iran, showing daily life in the work place, at home and in public. Areas of specific interest include the Kurdish population, women, and life in Bam since the 2003 earthquake.
Since the September 2006 coup that deposed PM Thaksin Shinawatra, there have been numerous groups rallying on a regular basis. Some don`t agree with the way Thaksin was ousted, and some are his paid loyalists. And then there are those who despise Thaksin, but who would like to see an end to the cycle of military coups Thailand seems to be trapped in. All protests have been peaceful, but there is often talk of violent factions escalating the confrontation. Many critics note that the groups have failed to produce impressive numbers, but since 30 of Thailand`s 76 provinces are still under martial law, and the army has been blocking citizens from entering the capital, it is difficult to know how many more dissidents exist. Regardless, the demonstrations are a manifestation of political discourse as Thailand struggles to determine its own democracy. Photos of Bangkok protests by Anne Holmes
Wat Phra Bat Nam Phu is a temple in LopBuri, Thailand, that cares for dying AIDS patients and helps to rehabilitate those who are strong enough to get back on their feet. There are no doctors, no nurses and no morphine. Since the Thai government decided to ignore Abbot`s patent laws and make the Anti-Retroviral drug cocktail available, many people come to the hospice to live rather than to die. Still, 3 to 4 deaths occur per week. Photos of AIDS Hospice in Thailand by Anne Holmes
Iran Photos
Photos of Bangkok Protests
Photos of AIDS Hospice
in LopBuri, Thailand

Photographers:Anne Holmes, Marco Secchi, Zara Seemann, Michael Barrientos, Carsten Bockermann, Rick Valenzuela, Tomoko Yamamoto, Paul Treacy, Brian David Stevens, Victor Rojas, Theo Ribeiro, Michelle Posey, Marc-Andre Pauze, Narayan Mahon, Michael Mariant, Segey Grachev, Peter Harris, Asim Hafeez, Miguel Ribeiro Fernandes, Bill Crandall, Phil Brown, Thomas Boyd, Peter A. Calvin, Bryan Rinnert, Alex Masi, Bill Crandall, Pedja & Srdjan, John Watts-Robertson, Subhash Sharma, Allen Sullivan, Darren Hauck, Adam Wiseman,
Home Bases: Bonn, Germany, London, UK, Washington, DC, USA, Sydney, Australia, Pakistan, India Rome, Italy, Russia, California, Syracuse, NY, USA, Montreal, Canada, Little Rock, AR, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Patagonia, New York, NY, Baltimore, MD, Philadelphia, PA, Lisbon, Portugal, Belgrade, Serbia, Vienna, Austria, Dakar, Senegal, Edinburgh, Scotland, London, England, UK, Bangkok, Thailand
Specialties:photojournalism, travel photography, Europe, documentary, action, sports, urban, fine art, landscape, street photography, corporate, editorial, environmental portraiture, stock photography
Format:35mm, Medium Format, digital, color, BW
Photo Subjects:humor, children, adventure, nature, life, health, Politics, People, environmental issues, travel, architecture
Location:Tajikistan, Mozambique, Nagorno Karabakh, Edinburgh, Scotland, Venice, Italy, Austria, Turkey, Prague, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Guatemala, Pakistan,
Languages:English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese,
Keywords:photos, pictures, images, stock, image licensing, Rights-managed, prints, impressionist art, AIDS, Bedouins, Israel, Freegans, New York, Children, Cape Town, South Africa, fine-art prints, online print sale, online image licensing, documentary photography, art photography, impressionist art photography, photojournalism

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Last Update: July 15, 2007; First Published Date: March 23, 2007