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Listing of Select Photoshelter Members Worldwide

Members of Lightstalkers.org at Photoshelter.com
Here is a list of select photographers worldwide who are available for assignment and whose photos are avaliable for sale as stock images and prints at Photoshelter.com. Our stock images at Photoshelter are sold by fotoQuote, an online license price quoting system or directly from the photographers. Our prints may be sold through Photoshelter either as prints produced by Photoshelter or as photographer-fulfilled prints and also directly from the photographers. At Photoshelter, it is possible for members to distribute images by high resolution downloads to their clients since it is an archive of photos.

We are a diverse group based in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, North and South America, speaking many major languages. Peruse this list, and we are sure that you will find what you are looking for.

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Photoshelter List, A-L|Photoshelter List, M-Z

Recent additions and updates: Richard Greaves Tomoko Yamamoto

Photographers' Last Names in Alphabetical Order
Barrientos Bockermann Boyd P. C. Brown P. Brown Calvin Crandall Davidson Fadek Fernandes
Fistick Galai Grachev Greaves Hafeez Harris Hauck Holmes Lopez Mahon
Mariant Masi Pasion Pedja & Srdjan Pauze Posey Ribeiro Rinnert Rojas Secchi
Seemann Sharma Siva Stevens Sullivan Treacy Valenzuela Van Damme Watts-Robertson Wheeler
Wiseman Yamamoto

Photoshelter Members' Mini Gallery, A-L
Anne Holmes
Photoshelter Members' Mini Galleries, M-Z
Alex MasiTomoko Yamamoto

Photographers' Home Bases:
Washington, DC,(Bill Crandall, Cameron Davidson); Syracuse, NY (Narayan Mahon), Baltimore, MD (Tomoko Yamamoto); New York, NY (Paul Treacy, Timothy Fadek); Little Rock, AR (Michelle Posey); Raleigh, NC (Bryan Rinnert), Austin, TX (Patrick Cavan Brown); Dallas, TX (Peter A Calvin); Milwaukee, WI (Darren Hauck)
Canada: Montreal (Marc-Andre Pauze)
Mexico:Mexico City (Adam Wiseman)
Brazil:Sao Paulo (Theo Ribeiro)
Guatemala:La Antigua (Allen Sullivan)

London, England (Marco Secchi, Phil Brown, Alex Masi); Edinburgh, Scotland (Marco Secchi, Guillem Lopez); Northamptonshire, England (John Watts-Robertson), Birmingham, England(Richard Greaves);
Germany: Cologne (Köln) (Carsten Bockermann)
Belgium: Brussels (Jock Fistick) (Guido Van Damme)
France: Paris (Andrew Wheeler) Austria: Vienna (Wien) (Zara Seemann)
Italy: Rome (Peter Harris)
Portugal: Lisbon (Miguel Fernandes, Michael Barrientos)
Serbia: Belgrade (Pedja & Srdjan) Russia:(Segey Grachev)

Asia, Middle East, and Australia:
Pakistan: Karachi (Asim Hafeez)
India:Mumbai (Subhash Sharma)
Japan: Tokyo (Tomoko Yamamoto)

Senegal: Dakar (Rick Valenzuela)
Specialties:photojournalism, travel photography, documentary, action, sports, urban, fine art, landscape, street photography, corporate, editorial, environmental portraiture, stock photography
Photo Subjects:humor, children, adventure, nature, life, health, Politics, People, environmental issues, travel, muertos, earthquake, Aids
Location as Subjects:Tajikistan, Mozambique, Nagorno Karabakh, Edinburgh, Scotland, Venice, Italy, Prague, Czech Republic, Pakistan, Dakar, Senegal, Africa, Europe, Japan

Photographers:Marco Secchi, Zara Seemann, Michael Barrientos, Carsten Bockermann, Rick Valenzuela, Tomoko Yamamoto, Paul Treacy, Brian David Stevens, Victor Rojas, Theo Ribeiro, Michelle Posey, Marc-Andre Pauze, Narayan Mahon, Michael Mariant, Segey Grachev, Peter Harris, Asim Hafeez, Ed Giles, Miguel Ribeiro Fernandes, Bill Crandall, Phil Brown, Thomas Boyd, Peter A. Calvin, Bryan Rinnert, Alex Masi, Bill Crandall, Pedja & Srdjan, John Watts-Robertson, Subhash Sharma, Allen Sullivan, Darren Hauck, Adam Wiseman,
Home Bases: Cologne (Köln), Germany, London, UK, Washington, DC, USA, Pakistan, India Rome, Italy, Russia, California, Syracuse, NY, USA, Montreal, Canada, Little Rock, AR, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Patagonia, New York, NY, Baltimore, MD, Philadelphia, PA, Lisbon, Portugal, Belgrade, Serbia, Vienna, Wien, Austria, Dakar, Senegal, Edinburgh, Scotland, London, England, UK
Specialties:photojournalism, travel photography, Europe, documentary, action, sports, urban, fine art, landscape, street photography, corporate, editorial, environmental portraiture, stock photography
Format:35mm, Medium Format, digital, color, BW
Photo Subjects:humor, children, adventure, nature, life, health, Politics, People, environmental issues, travel, architecture
Location:Tajikistan, Mozambique, Nagorno Karabakh, Edinburgh, Scotland, Venice, Italy, Austria, Turkey, Prague, Czech Republic, Zurich, Switzerland, Guatemala, Pakistan, Cuba, Germany
Languages:English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Polish
Keywords:photos, pictures, images, stock, image licensing, Rights-managed prints, impressionist art, earthquake, AIDS, fine-art prints, online pint sale, online image licensing, documentary photography, art photography, impressionist art photography, photojournalism

Disclaimer: The above list of photographers, the information thereof, including all content or services made available on or through this page, is provided "as is." Tomoko Yamamoto makes no representations or warranties of any kind whatsoever in relation to the content of the list linked to this page. The opinions and views expressed through text and photography are those of individual photographers and are not necessarily those of Tomoko Yamamoto. Further, Tomoko Yamamoto disclaims any express or implied warranties, including, without limitation, non-infringement, title, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
Last Update: October 11, 2007; First Published Date: March 23, 2007