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Price List and Order Information/ Listino dei prezzi/Die Liste der Preise

Attention! To prevent disappointments, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery from the time you order new large-size prints by ground shipping. Smaller prints can be faster. The prices below include ground shipping. Contact the photographer by e-mail or by the contact form at photoshelter.com if you have any questions.
Print Image Size Print only Price
6.5 by 9.75 inches(16.5 by 24.8 cm)
on 8x10 paper
9 by 13 inches (22.9 by 33 cm)
on 11x14 paper
16"x20" (smaller image size)
20"x24" (smaller image size)
11"x24" (panorama)
The above prices which include shipping will be updated soon since I no longer live in the United States.
Exchange Rates approximately: 1 USD ~ 93.145 JPY & 0.6972 EUR as of August 31, 2009
Check the exchange rates at Yahoo Finance.

Payment by PayPal and bank transfer is accepted. Please contact me first for the availability and the delivery schedule with the title of photographs desired.

I'll let you know the turnaround time at the time of your order. Since I operate as a small business here in Austria, my price does not include any tax. This might change in the future, but for the time being my print prices would not include any local tax.

If you wish to pay in Yen, Euro, etc., rather than in USD, I can send an invoice at a desired currency reflecting the prevailing exchange rates. Send me an order indicating a desired currency by e-mail, and I can generate an invoice at the currency of your choice. The Buy Button below is limited to transactions in US dollars.

The above prices are in effect for new Lightjet prints on Fuji Crystal Archive Paper, which has an estimated display life of 60 years.

Other sizes available upon request.

The 11"x24" print is an enlargement cropped from the medium format of 56mmx56mm, and represents an image size close to the printing paper. Please ask for a quote for a print in between sizes.

Please note that the copyright watermark shown on the web images won't be on your photographic print.

For PayPal payments in USD, you need to click the buy button below, which will take you to the PayPal site. Once you are on the PayPal site, you will see my name at the top and you are asked to fill in the item information and the price. First you select your country. You will be amazed to find so many countries listed. Once you select your country, PayPal changes from English to one of three other languages, Geman, French, and Italian if your country is either of three languages speaking. If not, it stays in English, but address fields are customised for each country. Then you give your billing information. Therefore the procedure is similar to a typical online payment.

Gift certificates available!

If you have a PayPal account, you click on the "Log In" button to proceed.

Campanile of San Marco and the main fašade of the Basilica lit by late afternoon sun: Photo/Picture/Foto by Tomoko Yamamoto

Please note that no Ilfochrome nor Fujichrome prints are available for the photos of Venice and churches. I have set up an online store at Photoshelter.com, where I have made economically-priced prints priced in Euro available for Venice and other travel photos. Also at the photoshelter store of mine, Lightjet prints for my impressionist reflection photos can be ordered online. If you are so interested, you may also order Lightjet prints for my travel and landscape photos, but it is necessary to order directly from me for such an order according to the price schedule as above.

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Last update: December 22, 2013