Autumn Abstract

This photo was taken in 1994 in the area of the Patapsco River where the river bed becomes quite rocky. This is an early abstract reflection photograph and leads to "Cubic Reflections" in which a rock is placed in the composition. The camera was the OM-4TBlack with the 100mm/2.8 lens and the film was Fujichrome 400 RH.

Autumn Abstract

1994 Tomoko Yamamoto

I have Ilfochrome prints at 8x10 and 16x20 inches (one in each) in stock. The image shown above was derived from a Kodak PCD file of the original slide. The Ilfochrome print is very similar to the image shown above. No copyright mark will be on the print. If interested, please e-mail us indicating the size desired. Lightjet printing on Fuji Crystal Archive papers will be offered if an intermediate size is desired, but it will take one week or two for digital prints to be ready.

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Update: September 5, 2006