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Autumn Palette, #1: Impressionistic rendition of fall color reflections in water: photo by Tomoko Yamamoto

1994 Tomoko Yamamoto

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This photograph is part of a series of autumn palette, but I like this one best. I think this is most impressionistic and yet somewhat abstract. My mother says although she likes it she does not understand it. I like it because I was able to get an abstract image out of rather real autumn color reflections in the water. I also have three more autumn palette images which I shot at the same time. I was by Lake Roland in Robert Lee Park in Baltimore. It was late afternoon close to 4 p.m. I made a series of bracketed shots with a 200mm/5 on my OM-4TBlack. The film was Fujichrome 100 (RD).

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Update: October 15, 2007