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Black Bubbles

This impressionistic photo focuses on bubbly structures with black outlines. There are also red reflections flowing down which makes this photo impressionistic. A blue sky shows up inside the black contour lines as well as in-between spaces. The red and blue reflections and the black contour lines together make this photo very painterly art. The camera was the OM-4TBlack with probably the 200mm/5 plus a Kenko 2x converter and the film was Fujichrome 400 Professional D(RH).

Black Bubbles:Impressionist Art Photo of Nature Reflection in Water by Tomoko Yamamoto

1998 Tomoko Yamamoto


The photograph is printed digitally on Fuji Crystal Archive Paper (Lightjet print). No copyright mark is on the print. If interested, Lightjet print has an estimated display life of 60 years.

Update: May 25, 2007