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Leaf in Dance

A large oak leaf photographed was obvious in the viewfinder when I took the shot, but I was not aware of two small leaves until the I got the developed film back. In addition to the shape of the large leaf, the shape of reflection on top of the leaf, to me, was having a dance-like motion, thus I have captured an anthropomorphic image. The camera was the OM-4TBlack with probably the 200mm/5 plus a Kenko 2x converter and the film was Fujichrome Professional Provia 400 (RH). The grains visible in the photo makes its Lightjet print look like oil painting.

A single leaf in dance-like mortion resulting anthropomorphic image/photo by Tomoko Yamamoto

1998 Tomoko Yamamoto

The photrograph is printed digitally on Fuji Crystal Archive Paper (Lightjet print). No copyright mark will be on the print. If interested, please e-mail us indicating the size desired.
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Update: January 24, 2007