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Orange Wash 2001 Tomoko Yamamoto

This photo is very much related to "Orange, Black, and Blue" created in 2002 as both of the photos have orange reflections in common. With the 2001 photo, I used the 180mm/2.8 lens with Olympus' 1.4X converter while I used the 250mm/2 lens with the 2002 photo. I framed the photos differently. Until I saw the 2001 photos, I did not see any merit in the results of my 2001 photos. I shot 6 frames by varying composition as well as exposure to arrive at the result shown in which I included the area without orange reflections to give some contrast to the orange reflections. The camera was the OM-4TiBlack and the film was Fujichrome Professional Provia 100F (RDPIII).

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