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HOME>Photos>Impressionist Reflection Photos>1998 Photos>Out of Darkness: Impressionistic Photo/Picture with Anthropomorphic Effects by Tomoko Yamamoto
Two branches of golden leaves in reflection captured on photo having a motion out of the darkness to anthropomorphic effects: photo/picture by Tomoko Yamamoto

1998 Tomoko Yamamoto

I was stunned to see this photo when I got my slide film developed. I did shoot golden yellow reflections at dusk, which explains the dark area around the golden reflections, but I hardly expected the outcome. This photo was once sold to a discriminating buyer at the 16x20 size. This striking photo can be enjoyed at the 8x10 size equally well. This has been exhibited twice in Baltimore venues and the first time around I was flabbergasted to see the photo displayed upside down, which I then corrected. I think the way presented here will emphasize the two branches like an opened jaw. I think I shot this photo from a concrete area on the north bank of Herring Run near the Belair Road Bridge. The camera was the OM-4TBlack with probably the 200mm/5 plus a Kenko 2x converter and the film was Fujichrome Professional Provia 100 (RDPII).

This photograph is printed full-frame (no cropping) digitally on on Fuji Crystal Archive paper. No copyright mark is on the print.
Short description:Impressionist Water reflection photo, a striking image of bright yellow leaves against the dark background, forming a shape of an open jaw and giving an anthropomorphic effect

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Update: December 25, 2006