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Impressionist art photo of Reddish reflections of autumn leaves and a single leaf at the top looking like a curled hand, titled, Thing with tentacles, photo by Tomoko Yamamoto

Copyright 2001 Tomoko Yamamoto

Short Description: Impressionist art photo of red autumn leaves reflected in water. The bottom part of the reflection looks like tentacles to the artist, thus the title, "Reddish Thing with Tentacles." In addition to the tentacle-like red extension, there is a white-looking leaf at the top of the image which looks like a curled human hand. The anthropomorphic leaf may not have been white, but anything above the water tends to be overexposed, so the leaf in the photo looks like a white human hand. This page is currently being revised to reflect the availability of prints in Europe, rather than in the United States. Please contact the photographer by e-mailing her at tomokohondayamamoto (at) gmail.com. When e-mailing, be sure to replace (at) with @.
This photograph is printed full-frame size of 35mm film digitally on Fuji Crystal Archive paper of the size desired. Therefore the image is always smaller than the paper size. Because of the machine used in printing, it is called Lightjet print. No copyright mark is on the print. The print is signed and dated by the artist along with the title of the photograph on the back. Ground shipping to everywhere is included. If faster shipping is desired, please contact the photographer to that effect, and she will invoice an additional shipping charge.

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Update: October 8, 2015