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This photo was shot on Fujichrome Professional 1600 (RSP) at 1600 as "Colors in Ripples". I was along Herring Run not so far away from the Harford Road bridge. It was mid November, about two weeks after I shot "Colors in Ripples." along Big Gunpowder Falls. Many fall leaves were gone and those remaining were brown, but setting sunlight helped bring out colors in the center. In contrast, there is a wavy white line on the right, which branches out into two. The sun was in and out and also at times blocked by the tree behind me, but I got this shot toward the end of the roll.

Colors in Ripples

1997 Tomoko Yamamoto

I have Ilfochrome prints at 8x10 and 16x20 inches (one in each) in stock. However the Ilfochrome prints are lighter in tonality. The image shown above was derived from a Kodak PCD file of the original slide. The PCD file is darker than the original slide, so I lightened the PCD file to get the image shown. If you have any interest in an Ilfochrome print, I can send you a gif file, which I can make by scanning the print on a flatbed scanner. No copyright mark will be on the print. If you are interested in a print similar to the one shown, please e-mail us indicating the size desired. Lightjet printing on Fuji Crystal Archive papers will be made from the PCD file or I can do a new scan on my Microtek Artixscan 120tf scanner if a larger print size than 8x10 is desired.

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Update: September 6, 2006