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Running Colors: Reflections of Weeping Willows

Running Colors
1997 Tomoko Yamamoto


This relfection landscape photo of shimmering fall colors was shot one November morning perhaps around 10'clock from the south bank of Herring Run, a stream in the city of Baltimore, Maryland, USA. There are several weeping willow trees on both sides of the stream. Weeping willows will not change colors until late in the fall. Therefore the colors reflected are still predominantly green. The yellows are due to the sun hitting the leaves or other fall leaves downstream. This is one of 10 shots with the same composition at different exposures. I have also attempted another go at the willow reflections in another fall. When I shot this photo, I was not aware of a painting "Water Lilies, Reflections of Weeping Willows" by Claude Monet. Although I have frames in which the reflections of weeping willows are clear, I have chosen this frame in which light green and golden colors are runny. The Ilfochrome (formerly Cibachrome) prints available for this photo display excellent color saturation and as a result, they look like paintings. In fact some of my customers sometimes refer to my photographs as painting. This photograph was juried into an exhibition of the Fairfax County Arts Council in 1998 by J. Carter Brown. The 20x24 print is most vivid in the orange yellow on the top left side, so if you have the space and the money, I would recommend this size.
(OM-4TBlack with a 135mm/3.5 lens; Fujichrome Professional Provia 100 (RDPII))

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