Thousand Colors

It was late afternoon when I noticed the sun hitting some trees in a dark forest on the opposite bank of Herring Run in Baltimore, Maryland. The area not lit was already getting dark. The photo has definitely thousands of lines, but probably not thousand colors, and yet I like this title. The prominent colors against dark are purple and yellow, which look like lights. The image shown here roughly resembles an Ilfochrome print made from the original transparency, but I have another version, much lighter than this and showing more colors, which is made from a scan. If you are interested in the lighter version, I can send a small file to you if you e-mail me.

This photo as shown is effective on a sun-lit wall. I placed this photo on a side wall of a landing which has a high window between the first and the second floors of my parents' house. In my own house, I have it on the side wall near a southwest window. It had better not be lit all day long since that would deteriorate the colors in the print faster, but it helps to bring out the colors and the mood in the photo.

Thousand Colors

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