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Orange, Black, and Blue 2002 Tomoko Yamamoto

I took this shot using my newly acquired Olympus OM Zuiko 250mm/2 lens. I was amazed at the ease of focusing using this lens. I focused on the water surface near me rather than reflections, that is to say that the reflected image is out of focus, but the water texture is focused. This way I managed to get the top part of the image filled with orange color rather than any structure associated with the orange color. The image is an impressionistic reflection photo which has become more abstract than those where one can still figure out the limbs and leaves in the images. You might be interested in comparing this photo with another photo I took the year before at the same place (the south bank of Herring Run). The camera was the OM-4TiBlack and the film was Fujichrome Professional Provia 100F (RDPIII).

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