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HOME>Photos/Pictures>Travel>Italy>Venice, Venezia, Venedig>Panorama View of the Grand Canal/Canal Grande from the Rialto Bridge/Ponte di Rialto:Photo/Picture/Foto of Venice, Italy by Tomoko Yamamoto
The Grand Canal Panorama from the Rialto Bridge:A gondolier is rowing a gondola in the center of the Grand Canal (Canal Grande) and a vaporetto on the quayside  as seen from the Rialto Bridge, Venice, Italy: photo/picture/foto and fine-art prints of Venedig, Italien, Venezia, Italia by Tomoko Yamamoto
Description: Panorama View of the Grand Canal (Canal Grande) from the Rialto Bridge (Ponte di Rialto) with a gondola in the middle of the canal, and a vaporetto on the quayside on a bright summer day in Venice, Italy (Venedig, Italien, Venezia, Italia.) The Rialto Bridge is one of the main stops in any tours of Venice, either by foot or by gondola or vaporetti. The panoramic view includes two Palazzos on the quayside: Palazzos Bembo and Manin-Dolfin. Palazzo Bembo has a red façade and is a 15th century Gothic palace. Pietro Bembo was a Renaissance cardinal and scholar. Palazzo Manin-Dolfin has a stone façade, which remains the only part of the original structure built in 1538-40. The interior was changed for the last doge of Venice, Ludovico Manin, who died in 1797.

This area, the Rialto Quarter, is the oldest and busiest part of Venice, Italy. According to Venetians' own legends, refugees from Attila the Hun established the first stone on the Rialto. The legendary date is said to be March 25, 413.

Another view of the Grand Canal from the Rialto Bridge and a photo of a gondola approaching the Rialto Bridge with Hotel Rialto as the background complete at this time the photos in this area by Tomoko Yamamoto. All three can be ordered as archival fine-art prints.

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Update: November 6, 2007