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The lights along the Molo facing the San Marco Basin come on as the sun sets and the sky takes on soft hues of blue and pink.  Shot from the island of Giudecca across the San Marco Basin (Bacino). Photo of Venice, Italy by Tomoko Yamamoto
Campanile of San Marco at Dusk, Venice, Italy

When I went to Venice for the first time, I did not have all that information below. I just took one long afternoon to visit the place from Venezia Mestre where I stayed overnight. You can tell my first impressions from the medium format photos, either square or shapes different from 35mm I took that afternoon.

Venice Travel Info

Venice as a World Heritage site
Tourism in Venice (APT), lodging information is very exhaustive:Italian and English
City of Venice/Citta' di Venezia:Italian and English
Port of Venice:Italian and English
Venice Civic Museum: Cultural information and event info
Current Local Time/Weather in Venice: Includes sunrise/sunset times and location and moonrise and moonset times and location, useful for photographers
Trains in Italy (trenitalia.com) in English and Italiano: Many trains take you to Santa Lucia where you get off to board the vaporetto or walk, but note there are two train stations: Venezia Mestre and Venezia Santa Lucia. Sometimes you need to change trains at Venezia Mestre to get to Santa Lucia. Buy your tickets to Venezia S. Lucia.
Cheap Places to stay in Venice
Gondola Ride--how to get on gondola rides
ACTV: Water and Land Buses.in English and Italian...There is a night service by this land/water bus company. This might be an alternative to gondola rides after sunset, which is very expensive.
Venice airport: Marco Polo Airport (English and Italian)
ATVO Buses:ATVO buses to and from Piazzale Roma: to the airport, Padova, Venezia Mestre, etc.
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Update: November 12, 2007