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Gondola Ride on Side Canal, Venice, Italy: Photo/Picture/Foto by Tomoko Yamamoto
On a side canal in Venice, Italy, a gondola rowed by a gondolier with a striped shirt is carrying a young woman with a hat: photo/picture/foto by Tomoko Yamamoto
Gondola Ride on Side Canal, Venice, Italy
© Copyright Tomoko Yamamoto

One gondola after another follows in a side canal in Venice, Italy. The brick façade of the building near the central gondola looks old but a wood balcony facing the canal looks freshly painted. A young woman with a hat on rides in the central gondola rowed by a gondolier in a striped shirt and the next gondola in line is seen by its ferro. The centra gondola moves through the sunny spot in the center. The woman's hat has a red ribbon and she is wearing a pink top and white pants. She is holding down the hat with both of her hands. The ferro symbolizes six sestieri of Venice with six teeth and a Doge's cap is on top of the teeth. The house behind the central gondola has a Venetian Gothic façade. Window boxes with flowers and green shutters add colors to this photo. This photo has been cropped to emphasize the central gondola, but the original shows the entire Venetian Gothic façade of three windows above the flower box.

Look for information on how to take a gondola ride here

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Note: The above photo was shot on 35mm film. As such, there are high-resolution files available.
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Update: October 28, 2007