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Photos of Venice, Italy in Slideshow/Diaschau aus Venedig Italien by Tomoko Yamamoto (through Flickr.com)

Photos of Venice, Italy in html with links to pages with large individual photos

Starting in 2001, I visited Venice three times. The five photos icluding two views of the Grand Canal, one photo each of Piazza San Marco, Gondola by the Rialto Bridge, and a side canal were all shot with the Mamiya 6MF when I was there for the first time. At that time I spent one afternoon there with only the Mamiya and the 50mm lens. My sister and I visited there together in 2002 and spent a night or two there. Then in 2004 I made a day trip there from Montegrotto Therme where I was shooting a view of the Prealpi for my "Das Heimweh" project.
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Update: March 2, 2007