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HOME>Photographs>Travel>Italy>Verona> Loggia del Consiglio: photo of Verona, Italy by Tomoko Yamamoto
In front of La Loggia del Consiglio in Verona, Italy, people enjoyed the late afternoon passagiata

Verona, Italy is a city known for its arena and for Romeo and Juliet, but its central square, Piazza dei Signori, boasts a number of interesting buildings. One of them is this Renaissance building called Loggia del Consiglio. The arcaded building is characterized by yellow and red frescoes on the upper floor and five ancient celebrities of Verona on the rooftop. The celebrities are the poet Catullo, the writer Pliny, Emilio Macro, the architect Vitruvio, and the writer Cornellio Nepote. Only four of them are seen in this photo. You can also see a little girl in a yellow jacket walking toward a pigeon. She is being watched by a handful of people including what look like his parents and sibling and another man. You will also note a number of people sitting at the edge of the building and talking with other. The photo was taken on a warm March day in the early evening. There were crowds walking around the old town of Verona that day. They were practicing late afternoon passagiata.

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