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October 31, 2007
The RSS feed I have can be read with some browser like Firefox, but the easiest is to read the html version.
February 12, 2007
I now have a RSS feed. The feed address is www.tomoko-yamamoto.com/feed.xml. At the moment there is only one notifying the visitors for updates, but eventually I'll put a feed to the major subdivisions of my site.
December 11, 2006
I have an online store and gallery at www.photoshelter.com/user/tomoko-yamamoto. I will be expanding the store gradually since I can sell prints through PayPal directly. My Flickr site has 54 photos including all my impressionist reflection photos I have on this site.
October 23, 2006
I now have a gallery on flickr.com where you can see my photos in a slide show format. The URL is www.flickr.com/photos/tomoko-yamamoto/. Currently only 16 of my photos are uploaded there, but I will be uploading 24 more to make a nice reflection gallery at a glance and viewable as a slide show.
October 12, 2006
I have been remodeling my site for the past few weeks to improve the navigation within the site. I have also added information on my multimedia song program I will be performing in 2007 in Baltimore, MD, USA and in Bad Gastein, Austria.
I am having an October Fine-Art Print Sale. Have a look to see how much you can save by ordering prints now.
August 31, 2006
I returned from Europe on August 17 according to the original plan after six weeks in Austria and Switzerland. I am putting a makeover on my website to correspond to my recent shift in emphasis. I will be focusing on my multimedia programs utilizing all my talents in photography and music. I also will not hesitate in collaborating with other photographers and musicians.
May 12, 2006
I will be in Tokyo between June 5 and 26, 2006. Afterward, I will be traveling to Austria. I will spend three weeks in Vienna (have Internet access at an apartment I will be renting) between July 5 and 26. Then I'll spend a week in Steyr, 6 nights in Gmunden, and a week hopefully in Badgastein. I will fly back to the US on August 17 from Munich, Germany.

I have added a new composition page to include two relatively recent songs I composed using the texts from Manyoushu.

April 21, 2006
Yesterday I made a tentative reservation for my travel in Austria this summer. The dates I will be in Austria are July 5 through August 15 or 16. My flight back to the United States leaves from Munich, so I may be in Munich for a couple of days. I will be in Vienna for two to three weeks and then I travel around in Austria with stops in Steyr, Gmunden and Badgastein. I expect to be in Tokyo, Japan in June about three weeks, for which I have not made any flight arrangements yet.
March 4, 2006
I have made the homepage in three languages, English, German, and Italian!
February 22, 2006
I have been adding photos to my Venice photo page for the past month. I do have several more to go. I updated my churches in Germany with titles in German and Italian in addition to English. I also have this page in Japanese. I hope to make each photo gallery page in four languages, one in English, German, and Italian and the other in Japanese. My Italian is the poorest, so if you are an Italian visitor, please help me if you find a mistake. My mother tongue is Japanese, but I have lived in the US for almost 40 years! I studied German with a teacher for six years more recently, though I studied it for two years as a second foreign language at a university when I was in Japan. I studied Italian on my own in order to sing in Italian.
Dec. 10, 2005
I have added a page of church photos in Germany. There are seven churches. Except for the Dom in Erfurt, many are small churches scattered around Germany. They are located in Leipzig, Eisenach, Hamburg, Erfurt, Dresden, and Weissenfels.
Dec. 2, 2005
I have a page of the Baltimore Presbytery Photo Project titled "Church Doors and Windows".
July 26, 2005
I completed the reflection gallery listing on the sitemap page. Also there are a few images depicting four seasons on the Shiki no Uta page.
April 30, 2005
I discontinued the relationship with CCNOW and will handle my online sales through PayPal.
April 22, 2005
Because of the exhibit at Red Canoe, I ventured into digital printing of my photographs seriously. You can read about it here and check my new prices.
April 10, 2005
My photography exhibit, titled "Reflection Photographs at Herring Run and Other Waters," opened on April 2, 2005 at Red Canoe Children's Books and Coffee House at 4337 Harford Road (phone: 410-444-4440). Today I will lead an "Art and Nature Walk" at Herring Run Park at 2 p.m. Additional information is here.

The new price list is in effect and the prices which are not conforming to this will be changed. Although I am still an authorized CCNow retailer, this service will be phased out as I build my photography site to accept PayPal payments.

March 7, 2005
I received an e-mail yesterday from the Florence Biennale inviting me to participate in the Biennale 2005 in early December.
December 23, 2004
The page of Bach in Weissenfels was rewritten with three photos, one of which is a photo of an old print of a view of Weissenfels.

I will be in Japan to visit my family in Tokyo from January 3 to Januray 25, 2005. I will have some photo equipment (not as extensive, but can include my 24mm/3.5 shift lens for my OM system), so if you are interested in certain types of photos, I might be able to accomodate your request. Please e-mail as soon as possible to info at tomoko-yamamoto dot com.

November 26, 2004
The page of Reflection Photographs in 1990-95 was expanded to include 9 images.
November 6, 2004
The page of Reflection Photographs in 1990-95 is now complete.
October 4, 2004
The page of Reflection Photographs in 1997 has been completed today.
October 1, 2004
The page of Reflection Photographs in 1998 is now complete. It is now possible to search for a specific photograph or phrases (two words maximum) from my home page and the guestbook has been installed on my site.
September 29, 2004
I have repaired the broken links at Reflections Photographs in 2002 and have been adding the larger versions of the photos at Reflections Photographs in 1998. It is now possible for you to leave a short message online without invoking your e-mail client.
September 23, 2004
The gallery of my '99 Panorama reflections photographs were completed. I started working on the gallery of my 98 reflections photographs and added Wavy Reflections.

This site has been on a new server, www.lunarpages.com since September 15, 2004. I now have an anonymous FTP directory on the new server.

You can now view the larger version of "White Flowers in Reflection", which is a panorama reflection photo I shot in 1999.

I put up my Venice photos in a new gallery in July, 2004.

Unfortunately, the Fujichrome professional printing in a local lab was discontinued. Therefore I have moved into the computer darkroom with a purchase of the Microtek Artixscan 120tf film scanner with LaserSoft SilverFast Ai 6. Previously my only scanner was a LinoColor Jade2 flatbed scanner, which I utilize to scan the Ilfochrome prints for my inventory clearance.

I will continue to sell the Fujichrome Professional prints in my inventory until they run out.

I have updated my portfolio at www.absolutearts.com to allow online purchases through www.absolutearts.com. The advantage with this arrangement is that European customers can buy my art in Euro. If you are interested, please have a look at my portfolio at their site: Aboslute Arts.com

In 2004 I have traveled a lot, twice to the Colli Euganei and finally getting a shot I wanted in May, and a first foray into northern Japan in June, etc. I am now back from my 40+ -day trip to Europe (Brno and Prague in the Czech Republic, Dresden, Weissenfels, and Munich in Germany, Badgastein, Austria, and Villnoess in Italy) with lots of photos.

Update: October 31, 2007